What do I mean when I say “spirit”?

Spirit is beyond what we know as the physical body. It is energy. It is vibration. It is what most people call “your soul”.  We are all reactivate to both the positive and negative energies around us; it is only natural.  Your physical body and your spirit can take on these energies both good and bad and therefore you need to learn how to cast out what doesn’t work for you and what is hindering you.  It is easy to tell someone to “stay positive”.  Actually putting in the work to do so is another matter, and it starts with you alone.  

In fact, I am sure you found this blog page because you are searching… That’s good. That is positive. 

We all have our exciting high energy days but only to find that something brings us down.  Once you start to feel low, it is mainly because of something that has transpired within your daily human experience.  The spirit wants to constantly fly on a high energy vibration but, in short, real life gets in the way.  What can you do to feed your spirit in today’s world of constant negative news and daily struggles? I’ll tell you…

We all have intuition and self guidance, that often times we negate beyond reason.  At the end of the day, all you have in life is you.  Listen to what it is your spirit is trying to tell you in any given situation. Learn to focus and tap into your own vibration. What does your gut tell you, in other words. Before you do anything, ask yourself… “Do I really want to do this? Does this feed my spirit? Will this take away from my energy and deplete me?” No matter what your spirit wants, we have the free will to choose to listen or ignore.  When you choose a diet of spiritual fitness and wellness, you will find that the outcome of most things in your life line up in the same positive vibration, avoiding sadness and disease.

How can you Feed your Spirit?

Exercise with Deep Breathes

Train your body not just for exercise and physical fitness but also for spiritual balance.  You can do that by breathing properly and then by slowing that rhythm in to long deep breaths through your nose, holding for a count of ten at the top of your breath and then releasing that breath slowly through your mouth.  Do reps of 10 and then breath normally for 6 seconds and then go back for another set of 10 reps of long deep breaths.  You will find your body buzzing.  You will find your vibration raised. 

Stay Conscious

Take on the advantages of living in the moment.  See the clear picture of what is before you each day.  I don’t want you to think about your monotonous job and how you have to get up in the morning.  Think about and be grateful for the gift of life, and being able to wake up and start a new day and plan for how you want that day to go. See the big picture of your day. Don’t rush through the day.  Take in each moment and observe the people, places and things around you.  Really take it all in.  When you do this, you will see beauty in everything because you will actually be enjoying each and every moment.  When you do this, your level of gratitude is raised and your spirit will follow. 

Pray or Meditate Daily for 1 hour

If you have time to take a yoga class for an hour, you have time to pray or meditate. Open your mind and open your thoughts.  There are enough hours in the day.  Take at least one for yourself.  That is not a lot to ask.  You choose to take care of yourself, no one else.  Center your thoughts and see what comes in. Listen to your higher self in meditation.  Your spirit will thank you for it. 

Love Yourself First

Write this down where you can see it every day:  “I love myself FIRST.”  When you shower yourself with unconditional love, that will radiate to those around you.  You cannot be of service to anyone else if you do not practice self-care first.  Treat yourself kindly. In turn, you will send out a positive vibration that will attract others who are radiating on the same level or higher.  Your goal should be to elevate every day.  Along with your thoughts, the nourishment of feeding your body with power foods each day will help you physically remain on a higher vibration. See my past blog about breakfast options to start your day flying high.