This is an extension to an excerpt from my book Success Right Now: Overcome Adversity At Record Speed now available on Amazon.

Confidence comes from being prepared and organized.

If you are not prepared and organized, your life can become chaos.

Every time you practice and train, you are preparing yourself to succeed.

These thoughts apply to every single thing in life. Everything is practice. The more you practice, the better you become. It applies to studying, sports, eating properly, fitness, thinking positive thoughts, praying, speaking, your job and simply… everything. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you become. I am living proof of this. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Look at every successful athlete out there. PRACTICE is the key.

Being organized gives you more time to practice and be prepared. Keeping your home, car, office, room, thoughts and schedule organized and clean will clear your mind and allow you to zero in on that big picture vision that you have for your life. These are very simple tools but they must be put into practice to succeed.


1. Start using two calendars that clearly state the things you need to do each day. Use your phone, email, desk or wall calendar. Hang one up so you can see it every day and then carry the other with you. Eliminate your tasks one by one each day from small to big. When you do this, all seems less daunting and you will see that you will quickly make progress.

2. Eliminate the clutter in your mind (all negative thoughts). You make a choice each day to take on an opponent or not. That opponent is the negative version of yourself.
Negative self talk is the number one reason why people get in their own way of their dreams. Move on from it. Cast it out. You have 24 hours in a day, why give any energy to negativity? Eliminate it.

3. Once you decide to get your mind in order then you can eliminate the clutter in your room, office, house, garage, closet, car, etc.

4. Get in the habit of cleaning everything right away instead of leaving things out. It should make you uncomfortable to leave your room, kitchen, bathroom, closet, car, etc. a mess! Get in the habit of making order of your day.

5. Learn to love practice because you know the more you practice and prepare,
the closer you are to getting your dreams.