Greek Yogurt

GREEK YOGURT.  You love it, right?  I do too.  But…there is something you should know…

Not all “greek yogurt” is created equal.

I just had a session with a client that I am training and we were going over her meal plan and food shopping list.  She had a lot of seemingly healthy food brands on her list, but when I begged her to look closer at those food labels, we found out some not pretty great things.  One of the most shocking was with the greek yogurt she has been consuming.  As per my suggestion, she has been devouring greek yogurt before or after workouts.  She believed what she was eating was a super healthy superfood with nutritious high protein.  Now, while you would think that would usually pertain to most greek yogurt, unfortunately it was not the truth with the brand she was buying. Different brands have sneaky added ingredients and you need to check for them. I can never say this enough times: Read the labels on the food you are eating!

Not all greek yogurt is regulated, so you must regulate with your choices by reading the ingredient labels. There really is no rule about what can be labeled as greek yogurt, so you must be diligent in your quest when purchasing.  

What constitutes real greek yogurt? 

The main ingredients should only be milk and live active cultures. To both our surprise, what my client was eating had  “whey concentrates” and added thickeners such as “modified corn starch” which you should always avoid! Also, her greek yogurt stated that it had 8 grams of protein. I want her to aim for 18 grams of protein for her diet. A good brand for this is Chobani.  

If you want to truly gain from the benefits of greek yogurt, you should stick to plain greek yogurt and use agave or honey drizzle and fresh fruit that are antioxidants like berries for texture and sweetness. Flavored greek yogurt often has added sugar and synthetic sweetener ingredients that you want to avoid.  If you must choose flavored yogurt, make sure that “added sugar” is at the end of the ingredients list on the food label after the real fruit is listed.  

Remember to be diligent about what you are consuming and how you are fueling your body. Just small researched changes like this can make a difference in your goals and gains. 

Stay tuned for more…T.J. McNally