Everything is Mental (Even in Your Workout)



Read that again.  

EVERYTHING is mental. Including your workout and training.

We hear all these buzz words on social media about “mind over matter”, for nearly everything in our daily life when setting out to achieve goals and this does not stop at fitness.  Have you heard about the mind-muscle connection that people have been talking about for at least the past 5 years in fitness magazines? 

The basic principle is that by using your mind to think about how your muscles are moving through your body, when you exercise, you can achieve your fitness goals and tone more efficiently. So, in short, when you hit the gym, skip the TV screens and iPod headsets with your favorite music playlist for a bit. Instead,  use your total focus on your breath and breathing and how you are pushing that oxygen through your body to bring focus and strength to specific muscle groups, while visualizing and feeling how you want them to react and look. After you have mastered this practice, then you can bring back your music playlist and you will find your workouts will be faster and more efficient with this new focused work.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Muscle movement begins in the brain.  Why not utilize it? 

By doing this, you can “train your brain” to send signals which are stronger, when engaging your muscles, which will get them to work faster and bring more muscle fibers to where you want them to be. There is much scientific research going on right now about this.  Obviously, you have to be actually working out while doing this, not just thinking about it. But if you can use your mind to elevate performance, it will actually help you physically get in the zone you need to be in to get through your physical workout. 


To put this method into practice:  You will picture the muscle group you are working on actually physically doing the job of contracting and releasing, through your specific chosen exercise, while you exercise. Then, visualize the results of how that muscle group will look. The more you do this, the quicker your performance will be. 

Mind Muscle Connection

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