Stop hating push-ups

Change your mindset about push-ups

You planned your workout for the day.  You feel pumped. Then…it’s time for push-ups. As soon as you start thinking about how hard it is going to be or how much you hate them, you lose your power.  By power, I mean, you lose your actual strength. Push-ups are a fairly simple exercise, but the strength they require seems daunting.  The results of utilizing many parts of your body are worth it, though. Push-ups engage many muscle groups at once, so the strength they require, to do in repetition, is what messes with people’s heads.  The pecs, triceps, shoulders, core and hips are all engaged. But the important part of this process is the mind-body connection. I am always talking about your mind in the fitness process because it what will graduate you to the next levels of your fitness goals.

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