Everything is Mental (Even in Your Workout)



Read that again.  

EVERYTHING is mental. Including your workout and training.

We hear all these buzz words on social media about “mind over matter”, for nearly everything in our daily life when setting out to achieve goals and this does not stop at fitness.  Have you heard about the mind-muscle connection that people have been talking about for at least the past 5 years in fitness magazines? 

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What do I mean when I say “spirit”?

Spirit is beyond what we know as the physical body. It is energy. It is vibration. It is what most people call “your soul”.  We are all reactivate to both the positive and negative energies around us; it is only natural.  Your physical body and your spirit can take on these energies both good and bad and therefore you need to learn how to cast out what doesn’t work for you and what is hindering you.  It is easy to tell someone to “stay positive”.  Actually putting in the work to do so is another matter, and it starts with you alone.  

In fact, I am sure you found this blog page because you are searching… That’s good. That is positive. 

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A Look at Breakfast Fitness Options the McNally Way

I want to talk about Breakfast.  If you lead your day, every day, just by starting your meal plan correctly, you would see a great shift in your body and health, before even adding a workout regimen into your schedule.   Everyone knows eating a healthy breakfast is a great idea. But some have preconceived notions that they have to stick to a one egg (protein) and one carb (oatmeal) every day when beginning a training program and it is simply untrue and boring. So, how about some new ideas for what you can eat each morning to jumpstart your day before work, school, the gym, etc? 

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